We provide comprehensive security services for all of your needs, including the latest technology, crime prevention training and uniformed security service. Our services will provide your company with the best security solutions available in today’s marketplace.

Security One is a member of ASIS, Infragard, BOMA International, The Mid-South Cargo Security Council, IFMA, MMHLA and A.L.E.R.T.




Real-time GPS tracking enables clients to see officer updates every minute. The GPS tracking system features:

Live maps that are used to track speed and direction of travel. This allows dispatchers to monitor excessive speeds or unauthorized movements off-site.

Satellite views to pinpoint location of officers and facilities while on foot or on vehicle patrol.

Historical breadcrumbs that can track an entire shift or as little as 15 minute increments to track patrol times, movement, direction of travel, stop times and speed.

Security One offers a variety of email alerts to enhance the safety of your business.

Geofence alerts keep patrols confined to the property being secured.

Stop time alerts establish a minimum amount of time the vehicle or person can be sitting idle and will alert dispatch and field supervisors for any device idle for too long.

Speed Alerts establish excessive speed for vehicle patrols and ensure adequate time is spent patrolling the property and facilities.

To enhance the accountability of officers hired to protect you, Security One offers automated check-in and check-out options to employees. This technology option ensures your on-location officer provides the most efficient and effective service possible.

Wireless reports are emailed directly to our clients once the officer on call completes his/her report. The reports are compiled daily and tailored to each client’s needs.